Keeping my creative cup full is so important for me! 

* This is my judgement free space *

I love using observation and documentation to navigate the world around me. As a keen traveller and adventurer, I’m often picking up inspiration on trips. This is a fun area of my website where I am archiving observations, thoughts, photos, experiments and creative outputs that were made just as a creative exercise, with no client in mind! 

Here I can showcase some skills that might not be 
obvious in my portfolio, if anything captures your interest 
- feel free to get in touch to chat more!

Enjoy browsing the inner workings of my creative mind.

An exploration of water zine. Made in a day.
An Ode to Tomorrow. Collaborative zine. 

Seaweed Studies

Observations on walks.
Street cats.
Hand written note posters
Film photos I took.

Typography I like.

Film photos I took.

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